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Infomation Technology Standardization
Human Interface

No. Title Issue Date Stabilized Former No.
Price (Yen)
IT-4001 JSpeech Synthesis System Performance Evaluation Methods 2003.02    JEIDA-G24
IT-4003 JSymbols for Japanese Speech Recognizer 2005.03      ¥2,619
IT-4005 JThe Guidelines for Performance Evaluation of Speech Recognition Engine 2008.02      ¥4,295
IT-4006 JSymbols for Japanese Text-To-Speech Synthesizer 2010.03      ¥5,762
IT-4007 JThe Guidelines for Design of Voice Commands in Application Systems with Speech Recognition 2012.07      ¥3,457
IT-4008A JPronunciation Dictionary for Japanese Speech Synthesizer  2013.03
IT-4011 JHandprinted lower case Alphabets for Optical recognition 2004.03      ¥2,514
IT-4012 JThe Guideline for TTS Speaking Style Classification 2018.07      ¥5,390
ITR-4010 JThe guidelines for using OCR systems in the real environments. 2019.05      ¥2,090