Message from the Chairman

Toward the Realization of
Society 5.0 – Accelerating society’s digital transformation –

Chairman/Keiji Kojima

As an industry association representing Japan in the digital field, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) plays a key role in advancing our industry and the Japanese economy.

Today in 2023, 75 years since our original establishment as the Wireless Communications Equipment Industrial Association, JEITA has evolved into a body that brings together not just the electronic components and devices, electronic equipment, and IT solutions companies underpinning a digital society but also a broad spectrum of companies using digital technologies.

To realize Society 5.0 as an affluent society that pursues both problem-solving and economic growth, we must accelerate society’s digital transformation (DX). Another crucial JEITA role will be to train the next generation of human resources as the agents for that transformation.

JEITA will work closely with member companies, the government, and related organizations to achieve carbon neutrality, strengthen competitiveness, develop new markets, and further energize the Japanese economy toward Society 5.0, contributing to the society and lifestyles of the future.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support in JEITA’s endeavors.

Keiji Kojima