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Electronic Devices Standardization
Plasma Display Panels

No. Title Issue Date Stabilized Former No.
Price (Yen)
ED-2700 BDefining method of display size for Colour Plasma Display Devices 1997.12      ¥1,886
ED-2702 BTerminology and letter symbols for Plasma Display devices 2011.02      ¥11,943
ED-2710A BMeasuring methods for colour plasma display modules 2000.03
ED-2712 BMeasuring methods for plasma display modules(II)-Cell defect,Image sticking and Luminance lifetime- 2009.04      ¥5,867
ED-2713 BMeasuring methods for plasma display modules(3)-Module power consumption using video signal and panel luminous efficacy- 2010.03      ¥4,295
ED-2714 BMeasuring methods for plasma display modules(4)-Viewing angle,Image streaking,Flicker and Moving picture resolution - 2011.06      ¥6,914
ED-2715 BMeasuring methods for plasma display modules (5) ― Acorstic noise ― 2011.12      ¥2,933
ED-2720 BMechanical interface for plasma display modules 2004.11      ¥3,562
ED-2721 BElectrical Interface for plasma display modules 2008.03      ¥4,819
ED-2730 BClimatic and mechanical testing methods for plasma display module 2006.01      ¥7,543
ED-2731 BEnvironmental testing method for plasma display modules(2) - Panel strength - 2012.01      ¥3,352