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JEITA Venture Awards Application Guidance

1. Objectives

As JEITA, strengthening competitiveness by utilizing CPS / IoT foundation, towards the innovation eco-system construction, it is desirable to consider the strengthen relations with venture companies support and JEITA member companies.
Towards the creation of new business by CPS / IoT community implementation, of venture companies that lead to the development of IT electronics industry support, JEITA member and startup of the (excellent venture) company and of cooperation and eco-system building support, it was decided to create "JEITA venture awards".
The 2nd "JEITA Venture Awards" is a venture company that is expected to contribute to the development of the electronic information technology industry, "JEITA Venture Awards Review Committee" has three perspectives of growth potential, leadership, spilloverness and sociality to screen out and select a venture company that can contribute to the comprehensive development of the technology industry and economic development, and to honor it.

2. Application requirements

Within 15 years after its inception, to target venture companies * that contribute to the electronic information technology industry development is expected.
However, there are recommendations (application) for overseas venture companies owned by Japanese companies, venture companies by Japanese nationalities management companies, overseas venture companies who are considering entering the Japanese market, etc.@ We will review and review the venture company, if it is evaluated that it is suitable for that award.

3. Segment of Award

From venture companies such as the following areas to take advantage of electronic information technology, 1 in every following field, 10 up to the top
Be commended as Excellence Award (segment is not limited).
(1) Manufacturing field, (2) (except Mobility) Social infrastructure,
(3) Medical and health fields, (4) Smart House field, (5) Mobility, (6) Energy,
(7) Agriculture, (8 ) Logistics and distribution, (9) Industrial Safety,
(10) Educational services, (11) Financial, (12) Cyber Security,
(13)AI, IT, (14)Others

4. Application Period

December 12, 2016 - 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 1, 2017(JST GMT+9).

5. Sponsorship

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

6. Awards ceremony and Reception

Date: March 16, 2017 10:30 - 12:30
Venue: Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
≫Each award winner presented a certificate of commendation and memorabilia.

In the first "JEITA Venture Awards" conducted last fiscal year, we received a number of entries and awarded for the eight initiatives left in the final screening.

"JEITA Venture Awards" Application Details

    1. Application requirements

  • (1) within 15 years after its inception, to target venture company that contributes to the Electronics and Information Technology Industries in Japan. ().
    However, not only to domestic companies, the Japanese venture companies etc. that are active in foreign countries, and there is interest in the Japanese market, foreign companies wishing to advance future.
    There is a recommendation (applicants), if the venture company there was the evaluation of the appropriate to the awards is carried out a study and screening.
  • *pursuant to the Small and Medium Enterprise Basic Law Article 2, Paragraph 1 (SMEs of the scope and definition of terms).
  • (2) the general public (recommendation appended hereto required)
  • (3) screening criteria:
  • (a) Growth and Leadership
    Products and services have growth potential and leadership, target market is clear and marketability is recognized
  • (b) Spillover
    A large ripple effect is recognized for technology related to products and services, such as being used by various companies through standardization, social implementation, etc.
  • (c) Sociality
    Due to products and services, contribution to the solution of social problems in the country is recognized
  • 2. Application Submission

  • (1) You will be required letter of recommendation by the recommender. After fill out the Application Form, to "JEITA Venture Awards" secretariat, until 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February1, 2017(JST GMT+9) asked to send it by e-mail, or please send by mail as follows.
    Since the submitted Application Form and related application documents, etc. will not be returned, please acknowledge.
  • (2) Application Form can be downloaded from JEITA website.
  • (see below)
    JEITA Venture Awards Application Form_No1
    JEITA Venture Awards Application Form_No2
  • (3) Company Profile (brochure), explanatory material, such as a product catalog. (Please prepare each 8 parts.)
    * is also acceptable in the URL, such as company overview (product catalog) has been published
  • (4) Application costs, etc. all applicants are free. However, creating the cost of Application Form, postage, etc. will be taken as self-pay.
  • (5) Applications and Inquiries
  • ◎By e-mail:
    Via e-mail to
  • ◎By mail or courier delivery
    Concerning Company Profile (brochure), explanatory material, such as a product catalog(each 8 parts), please send it by mail or courier service, etc. until the below (8) .
    * If there is a defect such as filings, so you might want to exclude from the screening subject, please note.
  • (6) Information obtained from the direction of the recommendation's recommendation letter to (Application Form) and the time of judging, is not used for purposes outside the scope of this project.
  • (7) Application Deadline: 12:00 p.m., February 1, 2017(JST GMT+9).
  • (8) Submission
    To JEITA Venture Awards Secretariat
    Ote Center Building, 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan
  • 3. Screening

  • (1) Screening Committee
    Based on the 3 points of view as follows:
    (a) Growth and Leadership, (b) Spillover, (c) Sociality
    Composed of members with expertise, such as academic experts has been " Screening Committee" the organization, make the selection. (Not published)
    *For the selection of the award, it shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Screening Committee.
  • (2) Screening Schedule (planned)
  • ①In advance (documents) screening: early February - late February
  • ②Finalists: Late February
  • ③Notification of the screening results: February late May to early March
  • ④Awards ceremony and Reception: as soon as details of the determination of the end of March schedule, will guide you to the contact person.
  • (3) Result notification
    The prizewinners will be notified to the contact person after the final Screening (late February). The applicants who became honorable, because we do not do the notification of the results, please forgive us.
  • ①during the screening period, you can not confirm the progress.
  • ②Although the screening by documents basically, if there is a need to be conducted the interview, etc. of the contact person.
  • ③review the contents of the details, inquiries about the applicant company name and the like that has become honorable, can not be accepted for the appeal against the screening results.
  • 4. Award

  • ●It will press release to news agencies.
  • ●Each award winner presented a certificate of commendation and memorabilia.
  • ●On the JEITA homepage, launch "Venture introduction site", and it is possible to be published each company's overview.
  • ●We support to exhibit at the exhibition (CEATEC JAPAN 2017), and we are considering exchange with the JEITA member company.
  • * Details are currently being adjusted, so we will announce as soon as we decide.
  • 5. Notes regarding Application

  • (1) Cancellation of award
    Note that an application may be rejected for the following reasons.
  • ●An applicant has made act to impair the object of the present award or a false statement during the application process.
  • ●An applicant is determined to be on the conventional wisdom, such as violation of law, not suitable be with this Award Winners (companies)
  • ●If you have been sentenced to more than punishment such as imprisonment after award.

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