Initiatives for AI Ethics by JEITA MembersAiming to Promote Ethical Development and Use of AI

Initiatives for AI Ethics by JEITA Members Aiming to Promote Ethical Development and Use of AI

Background and Purpose of This Activities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has achieved rapid development in recent years, being described as the third AI boom, and is expected to bring about abundant value to society, such as significant contribution to the realization of Society 5.0. Machine learning technology, including deep learning which forms the core of AI technology, is currently being used to extract certain characteristics or tendencies from a vast amount of data, and enables high-speed, large-volume data processing and new discoveries that cannot be achieved by human efforts alone. At the same time, it has been pointed out that AI could produce side effects, e.g., biases in data affect the judgments made by AI, which could result in discrimination.

In order to reduce such side effects of AI and promote the sound development of AI technology and society, it is important to consider AI technology from an ethical perspective. Without the concerted efforts of all stakeholders in society, including not only companies engaging in developing and providing AI technology but also companies and individuals using AI, it would be impossible to ensure AI ethics in various aspects such as development and use of AI.

Initiatives for AI ethics are being carried out at home and abroad by a number of organizations and individuals in the industrial, academic and public sectors. For example, in Japan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry have published expert review results and guidelines, and companies engaging in AI technology have formulated principles and guidelines concerning AI ethics.

In view of such circumstances, JEITA has prepared a material to introduce the initiatives for AI ethics being carried out by JEITA members. We expect that this material will help all stakeholders in society, including not only developers of AI but also providers and users of AI solutions, to consider and cooperate for AI ethics, hoping to realize AI-Ready Society, where safe and secure AI will bring about abundant value, and to accelerate Society 5.0.