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01 March 2010

Notice of Office Relocation

Please note that the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) is moving to a new location, effective March 23, 2010.

Following are the new contact details for each JEITA department and a map to the new office.

  • New office address
    • Ote Center Bldg.,
    • 1-1-3, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
  • Telephone and fax numbers
    Department TEL FAX
    General Affairs Department: Administration Group +81-3-5218-1050 +81-3-5218-1070
    General Affairs Department: Accounting Group +81-3-5218-1051 +81-3-5218-1070
    Policy and Strategy Department: Strategy Group, Policy Group, Research Group +81-3-5218-1052 +81-3-5218-1071
    Policy and Strategy Department: Communications Office +81-3-5218-1053 +81-3-5218-1072
    Environmental Affairs Department +81-3-5218-1054 +81-3-5218-1073
    Environmental Affairs Department: Green IT Promotion Office +81-3-5218-1055 +81-3-5218-1074
    Electronic Components Department +81-3-5218-1056 +81-3-5218-1075
    Industrial Systems Department +81-3-5218-1057 +81-3-5218-1076
    Consumer Products Department +81-3-5218-1058 +81-3-5218-1077
    Intellectual Property and Technology Department +81-3-5218-1059 +81-3-5218-1078
    International Affairs Department +81-3-5218-1060 +81-3-5218-1079
    Electronic Devices Department +81-3-5218-1061 +81-3-5218-1080
    EC (Electronic Commerce) Center +81-3-5218-1062 +81-3-5218-1081
    Services Center +81-3-5218-1086 +81-3-3217-2725
  • Effective: March 23, 2010
    • Note: JEITA's telephone and fax lines will be out of operation from Friday, March 19, to Monday, March 22. Certain pages on the official JEITA website will also be unavailable during this period, including those pages concerned with JEITA Board and Committee details.
  • Access to the new office
    • JR Tokyo Stn.
    • Otemachi Stn., on the Chiyoda, Tozai, Hanzomon, Marunouchi and Mita subway lines
      (1 min. from C9 Exit. C9 Exit leads to the B1 floor entrance of the Ote Center Bldg.)
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