With the Internet of Things, or IoT, currently making waves throughout the world, IoT programs have been launched in a number of countries, among them the Industrial Internet in the US and Industry 4.0 in Germany. Japan too recognizes the importance of pursuing cyber physical system (CPS), a new concept targeting new value through information linkage between the physical world and cyberspace.

The aim with cyber physical system is to gather a vast array of data from the physical world via, for example, sensor networks for analysis in cyberspace with tools such as Big Data processing technologies and artificial intelligence. The information and value generated through this process is then used to energize industry and solve social problems.

At JEITA, we envisage the IT and electronics industry serving as a platform which partners with car electronics, healthcare, energy, social infrastructure and other future growth areas to resolve the social problems facing Japan and create new business.

Recognizing CPS/IoT development as critical to the future of our industry, JEITA established the CPS Task Force in July 2015 with the specific work program of creating platforms and testbeds for core technologies requiring breakthrough innovations, proposing R&D projects, and presenting recommendations to the government on regulations, systems and standardization. The Task Force will also tackle awareness-raising and international collaboration. The core focus will be on working with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other government agencies, universities, and relevant organizations and associations in and beyond Japan to create the innovative products and services needed to underpin a CPS/IoT-driven society and resolve the various problems confronting society today.

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