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Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Inaugurated Today
(November 1, 2000)

TOKYO, NOVEMBER 1, 2000 ... The Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA) and Electronic Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ) announced that they merged today to enter the 21st century as the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).

The digital revolution is now global in scale, and new systems and products are being born from the convergence of information, communications and images. To keep apace of this trend, activities are required irrespective of existing paradigms.

Industrial associations are no exception. They must respond quickly to changes in circumstances around them and cover newly converging high-technology areas. Furthermore, they must strengthen their ability to propose new policies and strategies as organizations at the core of information technology (IT) advancements, and respond to increasing demands for slimmer operations and more efficient management. Based on these conditions, since May 1999 JEIDA and EIAJ have been studying methods, including a merger, to reinforce the links between the two organizations. These studies resulted in the conclusion that a combination of the two organizations would be the best possible course. Since then, each association has taken the necessary preparatory steps. Approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI) was given effective November 1, 2000, leading to the announcement of the new association on the same day. The merger represents an equal integration of JEIDA and EIAJ, though the structure of this integration comprises the disbanding of JEIDA and the amending of the Articles of EIAJ. JEITA will continue to pursue the activities of both of its predecessors.

In order for JEITA to further contribute to the realization of a digital network society in the 21st century, a comprehensive review of the committee organization of its predecessors has been made. As a result, JEITA has implemented a new system of vice chairmen in charge of industrial fields, and has also established a Policy and Strategy Board.

The new vice chairman system is designed to reinforce JEITA's presence and activities through the active participation of top management with respect to specific industry issues. A total of nine vice chairmen are taking the lead in JEITA activities in six industrial fields- information systems, personal informatization, digital home appliances, industrial equipment and social systems, electronic devices and electronic components-and five industry-related themes.

The objective of the Policy and Strategy Board, which is lead by the JEITA Chairman and consists of director-level representatives from companies on the JEITA Board of Directors, is to enhance the association's ability to propose policies based on overall strategic themes.

Etsuhiko Shoyama, president and representative director of Hitachi, Ltd., has been appointed the first chairman of JEITA, and Naoyuki Akikusa, president and representative director of Fujitsu Limited, takes the post of head vice chairman. Chairman Shoyama and Head Vice Chairman Akikusa will serve until the JEITA Annual Conference in May 2001. From then, the chairman and head vice chairman will serve for one year, while the terms of JEITA directors (Board of Directors and auditors) will last two years.

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