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JEITA's Activities and Organization
JEITA is active primarily in the following areas:
1. Development of New Fields
Building strategies, such as the e-Japan program, and making proposals on government policies to further development of an advanced knowledge information society
Conducting industry research and promoting products using new technologies, including TV receiving equipment for digital satellite broadcasting, mobile computing equipment, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) equipment and solutions businesses
Supporting technological development in areas such as system large-scale integrated circuits (LSIs), ultrahigh-density system integration (SI) and flat-panel displays (FPDs)
2. Promoting International Cooperation
Interacting with overseas industry associations through the arranging of and participation in international conferences and related events; releasing industry-related information globally; implementing joint programs in fields such as environmental preservation measures; and dispatching and receiving trade missions
Hosting and participating in meetings worldwide, including the World Electronics Forum (WEF), International Information Industry Conference (IIIC) and World Semiconductor Council (WSC)
3. Working on Environmental Preservation and Safety Measures
Promoting countermeasures for global environmental and safety issues, and collecting and disseminating related information
4. Advancing Technical Standardization and Technological Development
Promoting the standardization activities of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and International Standards Organization (ISO); cooperating in the formation of Japan Industrial Standards (JIS); establishing JEITA standards
Promoting research and development related to the field of IT
5. Implementing Surveys and Analyzing Statistics
Collecting, organizing and analyzing statistics from within and outside of the industry
Publishing and distributing reports and reference materials on trends in and analyses of the industry, production forecasts, technological trends in a variety of fields, and mid- to long-range projections
Exchanging statistics and information with trade associations in other countries
Improving understanding of the status of electronics and information technology industries worldwide through the dispatching of study missions and other activities
6. Reinforcing the Industry's Operating Environment
Representing the opinions of the industry and its proposals to the government; informing JEITA members of government policies
Supporting the business environment, including activities for legal and intellectual property issues
7. Maintaining Effective Public Relations and Staging Exhibitions
Publishing periodicals; holding press briefings by the chairman of JEITA; implementing internal and external public relations activities; sponsoring exhibitions, including CEATEC JAPAN, and lectures and seminars
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